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Navitrack Navigation System

Navitrack Navigation System

The Navitrack Navigation System utilizes the latest in computer technology to guarantee the most precise alignment for your implant. When using computer assisted navigation, Dr. Ferro attaches small pins called Trackers to your bones and to the instruments. During surgery, Dr. Ferro is able to identify several landmarks on your bones while at the same time, the navigation system tracks his instruments, showing on the screen the implant's actual position. This process enables Dr. Ferro to identify the best alignment for the implant and restore your normal body anatomy.

Why is maintaining optimal alignment important?

An accurately positioned and aligned implant provides the joint with the least amount of stress, which means less wear and prolonged implant life.

Dr. Ferro was one of the first surgeons in the country to use computer assisted navigation for total knee replacement procedures. He has performed more navigated knee replacement procedures than any surgeon on the central coast. Soon we will be offering this breakthrough technology for Hip Replacements as well.

For more information on computer assisted navigation for joint replacement surgery click here.

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